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ISB PGP Interview Questions (November 2022)

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

In our previous post, we shared real ISB PGP interview questions that were asked of interviewees who were mentees of Faith Career's Co-Founder & ISB alumnus Dr. Kumar Anshul. Indian School of Business's Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) is a globally top-ranked one-year management program. Below we share the questions asked by ISB's interview panelists in November 2022, along with each applicant's profile.

In the coming days, we will be publishing more questions to help you prepare for your interview. Watch this space and stay tuned!

If you want to receive interview training and 1:1 mock interviews, reach out to Dr. Anshul by clicking on the button below.

Candidate's Profile

Education: B.Tech. (non IIT/NIT/BITS)

Work experience: 3 years in Tech Consulting

Post-MBA goal: Management Consulting

Interview date: November 5, 2022

Mode: Online

Questions Asked

Interviewer 1 – Let’s jump directly to your introduction and what you are looking out of the 1 year PGP at ISB?

Interviewer 2 – Sorry to cut you here, since you already have a tier-1 MBA degree, why are you looking for another MBA so soon and change your specialization? (Interviewer thought that I have completed or I am in the final year of MBA)

Interviewer 1 – How will JumpStartIndia help you in achieving your consulting goals?

Interviewer 1 – I would like to know about your experience so far at SPJIMR? How has the learning been?

Interviewer 1 – Can you talk about the work and the projects that you have worked on while working with Deloitte?

Interviewer 1 – Can you talk more about the second project that you mentioned?

Interviewer 1 – Since your second project catered to niche population, what implementations did you do to make it more accessible?

Interviewer 3 – Since you have talked about working with US-Healthcare, what are your thoughts about healthcare as a service? (I talked about Telehealth and Virtual Care)

Interviewer 3 – You have mentioned that you had a 50 point increment in your GMAT score? What was your initial and final score? How did you prepare for it?

Interviewer 3 – Do you know how are consulting shortlists decided at ISB? How do you plan to get a shortlist?

Interviewer 2 – I would like to know more about the ECs and committee work that you are doing at SPJIMR? Were you elected, selected, how many layers of interviews did you have for selection?

Interviewer 2 – Have you ever worked as a team? How important are team building and team

dynamics? ISB will have study groups, how do you plan to participate in them?

Interviewer 1 – What was your role in the team during Deloitte? How big was the team?

Interviewer 3 – Consulting revolves around a lot of hypothesis testing. What if you join ISB and after 6 months realise that ISB is not for you? Will you be again making a move out?

Interviewer 3 – What if consulting doesn’t happen at ISB? What will be your plan B?

Interviewer 2 – That’s all plan from our side. Do you have any questions for us?

Candidate's Profile

Education: B.Tech. (non-IIT/NIT/BITS)

Work experience: 2+ years in Analytics

Post-MBA goal: Analytics Consulting

Interview date: November 6, 2022

Location: Kolkata

Mode: Offline (In-person)

Questions Asked

1) Tell us something about yourself.

2) Reason for each job switch and which role you liked the best

3) Short-term & long-term goals

4) Views on moonlighting

5) Impact and day-to-day work at present company (detailed description)

6) How did you tackle bad managers?

7) Since you’re into tech and analytics, why not go into product management?

8) Any questions for us?

Candidate's Profile

Education: B. Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering (non IIT/NIT/BITS)

Work experience: 5+ years as a Developer in Aerospace industry

Post-MBA goal: Product Management

Interview date: November 5, 2022

Location: Hyderabad

Mode: Offline (In-person)

Questions asked

  1. What was the innovation idea that you worked on? Couple of follow-up technical questions.

  2. What were your learnings when you worked on this idea?

  3. Tell us about your company.

  4. You have taken team lead responsibility from very early stages of your career. What were your challenges?

  5. How did you resolve any conflicts in your team?

  6. What were your responsibilities as a Scrum Master?

  7. Did you mould yourself when working in different projects and different people?

  8. Why PGP at ISB?

  9. How will you contribute to the SIG group that you have mentioned in your essay?

  10. Why product management?

  11. What do you think a good leader should have? (I mentioned being a good leader in my long-term goals answer)

  12. Did you learn Kuchipudi dance?

  13. Do you have any questions for us?

Candidate's Profile

Education: BDS

Work experience: 5+ years as a Dentist

Post-MBA goal: Healthcare Management

Interview date: November 6, 2022

Location: Kolkata

Mode: Offline (In-person)

Questions asked

1. Tell me something else apart from your essays.

2. Why you chose Dentistry?

3. Why MBA?

4. What are your short term goals?

5. What about long term goal?

6. Why ISB?

7. Why don't you pursue any other healthcare management courses?

8. How will you pay back the fees of college?

9. What if you don't get placement from college?

10. How will you manage your family, clinic, etc.

11. Elaborate on your long-term goal. Follow-up discussion on that.

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