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We have been trusted by multiple forward-thinking individuals, some of whose testimonials you can find below.

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Faith Career was the first resource I contacted for my Management journey and needless to say, his feedback has been tremendously helpful over all these years. My mentor had a roadmap ready for doctors who chose to pursue management, a task which he makes seem less daunting. He has been my first point of contact and has always been available for any professional help I’ve needed with my interviews, applications, etc.. It doesn’t stop at this, he even helps you with career applications, cases, etc.


I believe his true aim is to build a rich community of doctors pivoting to MBA and make the process as simple as he possibly can, opening doors to a plethora of corporate opportunities that come with a premium B-school tag. I recommend him for all things Management, regardless of your medical/non-medical background as he’s been working with students all this while and realises what top B schools look for in a candidate."

Dr. Nikita Rachwani

London Business School, UK


"Tanmay's mentorship played a pivotal role in my successful journey to secure admission to the Judge MBA program. His passion for assisting students in pursuing their education abroad was unmistakably evident during our initial Discovery Call. Tanmay organized a series of workshops, focusing on networking, essay writing, and personal branding, which proved invaluable in preparing me for the application process. Moreover, he consistently went above and beyond, sharing valuable insights on various aspects of the admission process.

I wholeheartedly endorse Tanmay to anyone in search of expert guidance and sincere support on their MBA journey."

Rashmi Rao

Judge Business School 

University of Cambridge, UK

(Offer letter from - University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, UK)


"I was introduced to Tanmay through a mutual contact, and from our very first interaction on the Discovery Call, I quickly recognized his exceptional enthusiasm and holistic approach to the entire process. Through various informative workshops on networking, essay writing, and personal branding, he ensured I was well-prepared for the application process.


His guidance on how to approach the interview was crucial and greatly assisted me in making the most of it. The valuable learnings gained from my collaboration with him not only paved the way for my admission to Warwick Business School's flagship MBA program but also provided me with a clearer understanding of my professional and personal self."

Sarthak Chawla

Warwick Business School 

University of Warwick, UK

WBS Scholarship Award Recipient

Faith Career IIMA Himanshu Chopra Dr. Kumar Anshul.png

"I approached Faith Career for time-critical MBA applications and interview preparation. 

My mentor was extremely reliable and professional. He delivered all his deliverables well within time and guided me to improve my communication skills for the interviews. He helped me streamline my thoughts and make a compelling application for IIMA.

Even though I was unsuccessful in the first attempt, he kept motivating me till the end. Most of the questions asked in the actual interview were covered by him during the mock interviews.

I would highly recommend Faith Career for their services."

Himanshu Chopra

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A)


My mentor at Faith Career has a very good understanding of the things MBA schools look for in a candidate. He has been really helpful in every step of the application and interview process. From drafting my application while retaining the authenticity to pointing out things to me in the mock interview process that would not only help me sail through the interview but also make sure I get an admit. His awareness of the B-school requirements has helped me secure an admit into ISB and I recommend him for the mentorship."

Aman Madhogarhia

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2023


"Like any other professional planning to quit a full-time job and pursue an MBA, I had my share of doubts.
Is 8 years of work experience too much?
What is a good GMAT score?
Is public sector experience relevant for MBA and post-MBA?
Which schools to target?
And so on…
Unclear, I still decided to take the GMAT and apply to colleges. By the time I was mentally ready to apply, R1 and R2 deadlines for most colleges were over. I spoke to a number of education consultants and everyone suggested against applying in R3 and instead suggested targeting R1 for Fall ’24 intake. But I wanted to give it a try this year and start my MBA in Fall ’23. Just when my hopes were diminishing, I connected with Tanmay through a friend.
Tanmay was the only one who looked beyond the cliché and showed me the value in my profile. He gave me the confidence that irrespective of the round, applying with a strong application can change fortunes and help secure that prestigious admit from the b-school. After only two conversations, I decided to go with Tanmay’s experience and signed up with him and thus began our journey. I decided to apply for 4 schools, two in Canada and two in Singapore with ~45 days to go for the R3 deadline.
With a job demanding 24*7 availability, it wasn't going to be an easy ride. The first thing Tanmay suggested I address was taking the IELTS as it would be required while applying to colleges in Canada. He guided me through the preparation which included 8 mock speaking tests and without any additional practice, I secured a decent IELTS score. Along with this, he defined a structure for me to start introspecting and build a story for my essays. Though the essay questions in each application seemed similar at first, Tanmay guided me on how the hidden nitty-gritties of the question can completely change the narrative. He supported me through the process even though I found it difficult to meet self-made deadlines, shaped my thoughts regularly and more importantly, remained patient and kept giving me the belief that we are on the right track. That timely reassurance is what kept me going.
Once the first draft was ready, Tanmay was available to work with me even during odd hours to review my essays. After a lot of introspection, I was finally ready with the perfect essay (according to me in the given time) for each college and submitted my applications.
By the time I applied to all colleges, I had already received an interview call from Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada. The list of probable questions shared by Tanmay from his years of experience in this industry ensured, I didnt have to look anywhere else. We had two mock interviews where Tanmay gave me a lot of feedback about the tone, body language, quality of answers, etc. I decided to improve on it by standing in front of the mirror and practicing my answers. By the interview date, I was very confident of what and how to answer any question thrown my way. The interview was a breeze, so much so that I began to thing that it was too easy and very confident of my chances of securing an admit. But Tanmay was there again to keep me grounded.
Within a fortnight, I received that much awaited letter from the University. I read the first word and closed the mail.
Working for the past 8 years, I had forgotten how to react to such wins. A couple of hours later, I read the mail again, intimated my parents and Tanmay. Needless to say, Tanmay was elated! And then the feeling began to sink in. I soon decided to accept the offer and in a couple of months time, I will be in Vancouver starting my MBA journey from one of the best b-schools in Canada and in the world.
Tanmay is not just a good mentor but a very good human being and that's the most important thing. It's all about trusting the process and favourable results will follow. I would strongly recommend Tanmay to everyone who is planning to apply overseas.
PS: My two cents for students planning to start the process would be not to fret over the GMAT score (try to be in the vicinity of your target score at least), believe in your story as everyone’s is unique and start early. Give yourself at least 6 months to introspect and complete the applications because at the end of the day it's your story and no one can express it better than you yourself can."


Vamsi Krishna Kondoju

University of British Columbia
Sauder School of Business, Canada


"I consider myself fortunate to have been mentored by 2 mentors at Faith Career. They helped me during my application as well as interview process. 

Their expertise and knowledge of the application process (especially Indian B-schools) as well as his willingness to go above and beyond to support me made all the difference. His constructive feedback on my essays and his encouragement throughout the process gave me the confidence to push through and strive for excellence. He actually sat down with me to understand my candidature, my short- and long-term goals and prepared a roadmap for the same. He was available round the clock for all my doubts. 

Tanmay conducted 3 mock interviews with me before my real interview. His insights and feedback were instrumental in helping me refine my responses and gain more confidence in my ability to effectively communicate during the interviews. I appreciate the care and attention he took to help me identify areas of improvement and provide constructive feedback to help me address those areas. I felt much more prepared and confident going into my interviews, and I owe much of that to his guidance and support. 

The committment commitment to help their students succeed is truly inspiring, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had them as my mentors. I know that I will carry the lessons and values they had taught me throughout my life. 

Their support and encouragement mean more to me than words can express. I couldn't have received an admit from my dream university without their combined help."

Tarushee Kumar

Birla Institute of Technology School of Management (BITSoM)


"By God's grace, I accidentally bumped into Faith Career's website and the rest, as they say, is history. My interview was just 6 days away when we started working. My mentor was very thorough with everything, especially the basics. We did 3 mock interviews and I was pretty confident post about the answers we prepared in the end. One of the best parts of working with Faith Career was that my mentor was available round the clock for even the slightest of the queries. No matter what profession one is working in, they have the ability to mould it in the best possible way. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to maximise his/her chances at ISB."

Samarpit Kalra 

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2024

"After looking for a study abroad coach for a few weeks, I finally got to know about Tanmay Singh, who had been helping students realise their dream of studying abroad since almost 7 years. I would highly recommend everyone who is planning to go for their higher studies abroad to get in touch with him. I started working with him in July and since then my experience with him has been extremely rewarding and enriching. 

Tanmay not only helps students with their academic essays but also provides full support in terms of IELTS exam preparation, tailoring your CV as per admission requirements, application submission, scholarships, literally everything under one roof! He is a powerhouse! Together, we have ideated and brainstormed my admission essays and made sure to put me in the best light in front of the admission officers. 

He also guides his students towards the right track and conducts networking masterclasses which helps students like me in navigating the entire process of venturing into the international job market. Having no clue about how students should start their international job hunting process, his masterclasses are packed with tips to ace their job hunt. He has been supporting me at every step of my study abroad journey be it communicating with admissions committee, getting transcripts from my university or even negotiating scholarships with the school.

I have been contacted by other study abroad agencies before starting my application process and even after I signed up to work with Tanmay. However, I decided not to work with them primarily because I knew Tanmay would tailor the entire process according to my requirements and provide support in applying to universities I really wanted to. He has always made sure to consider my opinions and provide support in every way possible. Additionally, he has been there for me and cares for my long term success by giving me suggestions and providing help in numerous ways. I would strongly recommend him."

Smriti Dhawan

London School of Economics (LSE)

Offers from: University of Manchester, University College Dublin (UCD) with 35% scholarship, University of London (Queen Mary), University of Birmingham


"I knew that getting the right advice would be essential to reaching my goal of studying abroad and building a long-term successful career through it. I wanted to engage with somebody who could provide me with individualized coaching and assistance, and someone who has already taken this route as a motivated, passionate student, so they can comprehend how a candidate thinks and what goals they have for getting into their target university. 


That is when I found out about Tanmay Singh through a referral from one of my friends. I realized my objectives fit well with Tanmay's application procedure after having a lengthy conversation with him about all the specifics and nuanced issues. We have been focusing on each B-school deadline one by one for more than 4 months, and the entire process has been incredibly smooth, fun, and educational—not just for my admittance to a dream school, but also for my job after I finish my master's.

The entire study abroad application process with Tanmay has been spotless and has taught me a lot about how to think and plan as a study abroad applicant as well as how to professionally network with others who share my interests.


Therefore, I would strongly recommend each and every study abroad aspirant to go ahead with Tanmay with your application process and let him help you in the best way possible to realize your dream of getting an admit from a high-ranked university, just the way he helped me."

Yashashwat Srivastava

Schulich School of Business, Master of Management (MMgt)

Offers from Sauder School of Business (UBC), Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill University), and University of Glasgow (UK)

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“I am a person of academia, and wanted to delve deeper into it by pursuing a second Master’s degree in biological sciences, post which I plan to pursue Ph.D. and further research. There are many consultants out there, but only a few who are familiar with academic and research-oriented programs and career paths, and Tanmay Singh is one of them. I was fortunate enough to come across Tanmay. He is someone who has seen both the worlds, the academic and the industrial. I instantly knew he would be the ideal person to guide me through the whole process of application for science and research-oriented programs.


He helped me work on every application brick-by-brick, right from structuring my CV till sending in the applications. He helped me extract experiences and achievements that I would certainly not have considered and which were buried deep in my subconscious mind. Our brainstorming sessions where we used to work on the motivation letters helped me contemplate my goals and interests, and how I can work towards achieving them. His guidance helped me delve deeper into my past and reflect on my experiences from a different perspective, enabling me to craft a strong narrative. He relentlessly questioned my career choices, aspirations, reasons for doing the second Master’s degree, etc., and exposing potential challenges in my candidacy. He then helped me develop strategies with which I would address these challenges in my application. He helped me introspect by spending hours brainstorming with me to enable me to weave my life story in a beautiful way. 

He worked his magic through multiple edits till we both felt the application was perfect. He knows how the statement of purpose for scientific, research-oriented programs should be written, and this is something which not a lot of people are aware of. We had timelines set for each milestone of the application process and our adherence to the schedule enabled me to complete my applications well ahead of deadlines. Tanmay never made it feel like I am not the one in control of my story. The thoughts and the words used in my essays always remained mine. I didn’t need to activate him to be invested in my success; he already was from the very beginning. He helped me till the end, being there by side for all my concerns and doubts, application edits and questions beyond the applications! 

The result was me getting admits from all the universities I applied to, including some prestigious ones like the University of Glasgow and the University of Sussex. I am currently pursuing M.Sc. in Molecular Life Sciences at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany. Tanmay is still my go-to person whenever I need some advice on an academic issue. I do not think I would have been here if it were not for him.” 

Lakshit Sharma

Friedrich Schiller University, Jena (Germany) 

Offer Letters from: University of Sussex (UK) and University of Glasgow (UK)

Akshay K_edited.jpg

"Faith Career guided me with my ISB application and he was really helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me throughout the process and made sure I get a convert from ISB. Would definitely recommend!"




Akshay Kuchhal

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2022

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-05 at 5.26.04 PM.jpeg

“As someone who was writing an admission essay for the first time, I didn’t know where to begin or what to include. Tanmay was referred to me by a friend, and it was during our consultation call that I decided to have my SOP reviewed by him. Not only did he calmly respond to all my queries but also shared his experience, which added value to my perspective and strengthened my desire to apply for the program. The detailed comments and thorough review of every line really helped me understand why the art of elimination of extra information was vital. 

His advice assisted me in refining and structuring my overall statement in a more convincing and credible manner. The best part about his service is that he responds promptly; my turnaround time was only 24 hours, which help me to keep a check on the deadlines and leave time for additional reviews. I definitely recommend Tanmay’s services and have already referred them to other study abroad aspirants because I want people to benefit from someone who is genuinely interested in helping them and does so professionally.”




Shradha Jain

University of Giessen (Germany)


" I have been a hard core clinician who then worked for a proprietary firm in a sales and marketing role to diversify her career but was in a dilemma about her next step. Mentors at Faith Career were the first persons who seeded the thought of pursuing management studies in my head.


When I decided to walk on the path, they helped me right from which exams to prepare for to what colleges to apply to, guided me through the prep, perfected my essays and also ran me through the expected interview questions. I had a below average GMAT score but the brilliance of the essays and the clarity of goals during the interviews helped me crack the MBAEx program from IIM C.


A huge credit is due to my mentor at Faith Career, he has catered to dumbest of the queries, pulled me out when I thought i couldn't do it, lead me through the entire process. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable and I would recommend him and only him if you are looking for guidance in your management journey, especially if you are a medical student because no other consultant can understand your story other than someone who is well aware of both the domains."


Dr. Pooja Chouhan

IIM Calcutta, MBAEx, Class of 2022


"A friend connected me with Tanmay for my MBA application and in the very first call I was strongly convinced that I wanted to work with him because he quickly identified my areas for improvement and highlighted my key strengths, introducing me to myself in a new way. When we decided to work together, he not only provided meaningful insights into my approach towards selecting B-Schools based on my career goals but also shared with me all the online resources that he has gathered and curated over these years. Tanmay carefully evaluates the candidate’s profile and understands the requirements first, following which he proposes an action plan. This saves a lot of time and effort as working with clarity always brings in positive results. His expertise lies in brainstorming every thought of the candidate and discussing everything in detail in order to come up with logical conclusions for each aspect of the application. 


Tanmay is extremely professional in his conduct and also a very humble person with a lot of empathy. Despite having numerous students, he efficiently manages his time in order to be available for each and every student for them to discuss their problems whenever required. Although he can be a little pushy at times for completing the assigned tasks, it always helps us as we get caught up with multiple other activities especially while working a full time job. His unquestionable command over the English language combined with the right teaching skills make him an excellent tutor for English language proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL. (I scored 8 in the Speaking section in IELTS)


As he has studied both in Europe and North America, he has an in-depth understanding of how the education system works in both the continents and his experience in closely monitoring the work of admissions committees sets him apart from other consultants. He is extremely resourceful in getting things done in a jiffy and has a solution for almost every problem pertaining to the application process. Having lived in many countries, he maintains a vast network of individuals all across the globe who lend a helping hand for any specific information required related to that country, university, or program. He is that person who doesn’t act just as a consultant but carefully listens to all your problems as a friend and goes an extra mile to help you in the best way he can.


I applied to 7 universities in the UK and I have received offer letters from 5 of them. I am going to join the class of Full-Time MBA program at Lancaster University Management School (UK) starting in October 2022."

Nikhil Bhonsle

Lancaster University (UK)

Ut B.jpeg

"My mentor at Faith Career was a through and through professional and at the same time he was very kind, generous, and treats your aspirations as his own. He leverages his knowledge and expertise to get the best out of you.

I have taken Faith Career's help with my application and interview preparation.

They helped me streamline my thoughts and make a compelling application for ISB and SPJIMR. They didn't put a cap on the number of sessions or iterations (which a lot of people do) and helped me until I had a very strong case for myself.

My mentor was on-point with the interview preparation as well. Most of the questions asked in the actual interview were covered by him during the mock interviews.

In a nutshell, Faith Career is a one-stop solution for all application and interview-related queries. They get my highest recommendation for the services that they provide"

Utkarsh Bhardwaj

SPJIMR, PGDM Class of 2024

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“I consulted Tanmay for my MIM application for 3 French business schools, namely HEC, ESSEC, and ESCP. I’m proud to share that I received admit letters from the latter two, and am currently enrolled at ESSEC Business School (Paris). While I had been working on and off on my applications for months, I’m lucky to have crossed paths with Tanmay at the right time, as his inputs helped me go the extra mile with my essays and secure these admits.

Circumstantially, we started working on my essays just days before the deadline, but thankfully Tanmay was very accommodative. I deeply appreciated him working with me on an accelerated timeline. What I admire the most about him is how he added value and elevated my essays while retaining the core essence of my words. Having studied and lived in France himself, he was the perfect person for me to receive guidance from. His experience and insights not only helped me refine my perspective about French B-Schools but also gave me clarity about what to expect during my Master’s degree.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tanmay to anyone planning to study abroad. If nothing else, I urge you to start working with him on one of your essays and experience the transformational process for yourself.”

Harshit Yadav

ESSEC Business School (Paris), France


"I had reached out to Faith Career for assistance in applying to ISB PGPpro program. They played an integral role in helping me complete my application as well as prepared me well for the interview round.

They did more than just reviewing the SOP content. They guided me in the best practices to write a SOP, helped me understand the questions and never hesitated to lend a helping hand even when I texted them late nights with my queries.

The mentors have immense experience in mentoring applicants for ISB and their mock interviews helped me instill confidence for my interview round of PGPpro. Their knowledge and experience along with their passion to help was of great help.

If you are looking to apply to ISB, I'd definitely recommend Faith Career as they are one of the best who can help you out."

Kumar Vaibhav

Indian School of Business, PGPpro

"I am delighted to write a testimonial about my experience of working with my coach Tanmay Singh to secure admission to the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). Tanmay's extensive experience in admissions consulting and career development proved to be invaluable in guiding me throughout the application process.

What sets Tanmay apart is his approach. He developed my overall profile, rather than just editing my essays or preparing me for interviews. He was more of a friend and mentor than a consultant, providing guidance on selecting schools, getting in touch with alumni and current students, and navigating the admissions process.

Despite my demanding job and severe time constraints, Tanmay kept me motivated and on track. He frequently checked in with me to ensure that I was making progress, which was incredibly helpful. His personalized approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my success were truly impressive. He even organized additional mock interviews to ensure that I was fully prepared for the real thing. His interview preparation and Kira Assessment guidance helped me to secure Dean's Merit Scholarship of EUR 5000 from my target school, RSM.

I appreciated Tanmay's ability to understand my unique circumstances and tailor his approach to my needs. He was always responsive and available to answer my questions, even outside of our scheduled sessions.

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of Tanmay's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to his clients. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals, despite the many challenges I faced, was truly remarkable. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him, and I know that his support played a significant role in my success. I highly recommend Tanmay and Faith Career to anyone looking to pursue their academic or career goals."

Ambuj Tripathi

Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), MBA

Dean's Merit Scholarship of EUR 5000

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 10.39.49 PM.png

"I came to know about Faith Career from one of my cousins who is an ISB Alum. I worked with my mentor specifically for my ISB mock interviews and was able to garner an admit. Since the time I started working with Faith Career, my mentor had been my sounding board and a friend. His availability and crisp understanding of the entire process made the journey a lot easier. His ability to weave together all the loose ends to create an airtight story is impeccable.

Right from understanding my background to providing honest feedback post my mock interviews, he has been a constant support throughout my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Faith Career to all those aspirants who have even the slightest of doubt in their abilities to sail through this journey and who are seeking a true mentor."

Abhishek Patwa

Indian School of Business

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"When I decided to pursue my Master’s degree abroad, I was looking for a mentor who could guide me about the application process for MiM programs offered by European colleges. There are a number of  study abroad consultants in Delhi who provide a standard package of services, but I required more customised and personalised counselling. 


A friend of mine (who had earlier worked with Tanmay on his B-school applications) introduced me to Tanmay Singh, and raved about his expertise and essay reviewing & editing skills.


In our first guidance call, I shared with Tanmay, my motivations of studying in France. Being a graduate of SKEMA (one of the top colleges in France), Tanmay had in-depth knowledge about the culture, rules & regulations, and job market in France as well as neighbouring countries. Moreover, he is very resourceful and maintains a wide network of contacts (such as students & admin staff) at top European schools; this made the entire process simpler.


Tanmay knows all the tips and tricks to impress the admissions committee. He helped me identify my USPs and coached me on how to communicate them in essays and interviews. He also helped me enhance my CV and LinkedIn profile.


With his support, I received an offer letter from SKEMA Business School’s MIM program and also received their ‘Excellence Scholarship’ worth EUR 3000.


Tanmay helped me apply to both French & Irish schools, but it was my dream to get an admit from ESCP. ESCP’s MiM program has an acceptance rate of 10-15% and I was worried about my chances because of my low GMAT score. However, Tanmay helped me present my best self in the application & interview, and finally I earned a place at ESCP’s Berlin campus."

Mimansha Dublish

ESCP Europe (Berlin Campus)

Offer Letter from SKEMA Business School (France)

'Excellence Scholarship' worth 3000 Euros from SKEMA


"My score in GMAT was just 680 and being from technical background, converting a college such as ISB was really tough for me. On recommendation of my friend I applied for ISB and fortunately got a call for interview. I had no idea how to prepare for the interview and what all ISB expects from a candidate. I was lucky to come across my mentor at Faith Career who not only helped me with ISB interview preparations in a short span of 5 days but also guided me what all things I should keep in mind so that I may prepare for any other Interview. His approach and method of training is very different and constructive. He works really hard with his students and expects the same from them.


He has very good collection of questions and is very approachable (unlike other consultants in market who start noting time of their calls). During the interview day, I was very confident and comfortable because of the preparation I had in my mock interviews. In the mock interviews, he asked my all possible questions for my profile which helped me a lot. And, on the day there wasn’t a single question that I had not answered earlier. At last I would say you a big thank you to Faith Career. I can vouch for them that if you’ll work as per their recommendations, you’ll surely end up the interview on a happy note.

Rajat Sharma

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2023


"I approached Faith Career when I got my ISB interview call. I had my notes but was unable to structure them, I felt there was no clarity of thoughts. They were very quick to respond. On the first call they explained to me their approach. I was quite impressed with the structure and decided to go ahead for my prep with them. They took my mock interview and provided great feedback. I incorporated all the feedback and felt really confident during my interview. My ISB interview went really well and I got an admit after a week. They suggested some really great insights about how to make a great first impression. I highly recommend Faith Career as they prepare the candidate for all the possible scenarios and guides him/her to calm their nerves during the interview."

Yogita Malhotra

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2023

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-09 at 7.59.13 PM.jpeg

"Their  guidance was really helpful in the entire process at ISB. With tremendous experience, they will help you to sail the journey. They are highly recommended."

Dheeraj Kaushik

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2023


"Faith Career is very helpful in identifying all the necessary items one needs to crack a B-school. Their experience in ISB makes his expertise more helpful for ISB essays and application. I would definitely recommend them."

Abhidha Pandit

Indian School of Business, PGP Class of 2022


"Thanks a lot to Faith Career for your valuable suggestions. Even though I approached them in short notice, their inputs helped me get into class of ISB."

Varma Krishna

Indian School of Business, PGPpro

-A Das.jpeg

"Fortunate to have met such a dynamic individual during my engineering days who has been a great career mentor. His tips and advice regarding application for a management Master's has come very handy. Specially thankful for his blog on career guidance."

Aadarsh Das

Trinity Business School, Ireland

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-23 at 10.50.49 PM.jpeg

"I got to know about Faith Career via their blog and then an ISB alumni insisted me to check with them once. Considering, that i had connected with them 2 weeks before the deadline. We never rushed with anything, Had proper 1-1 Strategy sessions which helped me to focus on my strengths and that really helped me to have Crystal clarity when it came to drafting my essays.
Also, my mentor made sure the non easy part of the application is also taken care of. And not left unattended.

With the strategy sessions we had, always made sure that we are writing details with keeping in my mind about the interview.

Really loved the fact that whenever i had silly doubts also, I straight away got it clarified without any hesitation, such is the bond you create while working with mentors at Faith Career to achieve your goals.

The post application scenario when you had to deal with interview prep : We made sure that we had ample mock interviews and every scenario was dealt with. The in depth details and ISB’s internal insights were really helpful as well.

I would definitely recommend Faith Career to help you’ll to attain your dream B School."

Ruchir Saraswat 

Indian School of Business


"At a point in time when I had no clue as to how to start writing the statements of purpose for my b-school, I stumbled upon Faith Career and they have been extremely helpful in setting me up with the right direction.

My mentor broke down the essays into smaller modules and explained what goes into each of them so vividly, which made drafting them all the more effective and easier.

His dedication to his work was laudable, in fact, there were times when he used to continue working on my application despite being sick.

I, therefore, definitely recommend Faith Career as an adept MBA consultant, not just for ISB but for various other top ranked B-schools as well."

Nikhil M

Indian School of Business


"I wish to express gratitude to Faith Career for providing me with mentorship for the ISB PGP interview. My mentor helped me formulate ideas and thoughts with utmost clarity. He played an integral role in helping me gain confidence for the interviews.

His mock interviews were extremely helpful even when I reached out to him at the last minute.

He is a mentor who would be ready to help anytime and it's an amazing opportunity to learn from him."


Ishita Nagpal

Indian School of Business


"I want to express my gratitude to Faith Career for providing me with mentorship for the ISB PGP Application and Interview program. My mentor helped me formulate ideas in a more crystallized fashion. He played an instrumental role in streamlining my thoughts and achievements. He also emphasized the importance of restraining my habit of being verbose about the subject matter.

He helped me break down essay prompts. Considering that it was my 1st time applying for ISB, he sat down with me to isolate achievements worthy of being mentioned in the essays. He leveraged his professional and academic experience in explaining the application process and how to go about drafting the essay prompts. Not to mention his crucial role in finalizing the entire application.

His mock interview provided insight into how a panelist thinks and operates. He offered me the actionable points for me to pursue my consulting-oriented goals at ISB.

He is an extremely good friend and a mentor whom I will cherish all my life. Most wonderful thing is that he is always reachable and he maintains his composure despite incessant and, at times, naive queries."

Karan Jain

Indian School of Business


"I discovered Faith Career's blog on applying for ISB and reached out to them directly on LinkedIn. Even though I had an extremely short deadline to submit my application, my mentor patiently guided me through each step of the process , taking the time out to explain the why's and how's. This gave me a whole new perspective on my application and helped me give the best possible submission.

Once I got shortlisted, my mentor also helped me prepare for the interview rounds with feedback on my answers and tips on how best to articulate my thoughts. His insights really helped me to put my best foot forward on D Day resulting in a conversion.

I would highly recommend working with Faith Career to any prospective B school applicant - their enthusiasm, thoughtful insights, guidance and extreme thoroughness will guarantee positive results!"

Shruti Rao

Indian School of Business


"I have been blessed to come across Faith Career while I was searching a mentor to help me get into ISB. .

On Day 1, when I started my discussion with my mentor, I was in a conundrum as I was having just 19 months experience till date. With this experience in my corporate job I was worried about being able to make my application stand out.


My mentor from Faith Career motivated me and nurtured my confidence, really took care of all the nitty-grittys of application, as my goals weren’t inclined with my current job profile. Infact he believed in me when I wasn’t that confident. He identified all the necessary items which I needed to crack the ISB code, from his great experiences and expertise.

Finally I got admit and guess that too with Scholarship of INR 16.5 Lakhs and it was a big breakthrough in my career.

It wouldn’t have happen without Faith Career and I strongly recommend them as they helped me in every aspect from Application building to my interview process and nutured me to finally get that coveted seat at ISB."


Riya Maimoon

Indian School of Business | INR 14.5 + 2 Lakhs Scholarship


"I contacted Faith Career when I got a call for the interview for XLRI. Though I had been preparing for the interview on my own, I had no clue what questions to anticipate and how to structure my answers. They were quick to reply and he started the interview training immediately, which was followed by 2 extensive mock interviews. Every mock interview was followed by detailed feedback by him. My mentor pointed out all the mistakes and even provided me structured answers to all the expected questions, as per my professional background. Even after the mock interviews were over, he was always available to answer any queries of mine over calls and texts. I can undoubtedly say that if not for Faith Career, my XLRI admit would have been a distant dream.

I strongly recommend anyone planning to pursue an MBA to just talk to mentors at Faith Career once. They will guide you irrespective of your decision of working with him or not."

Dr. Diptee Mudgal



"If you're willing enough, the right person appears at the right time! That's how I bumped into Faith Career through a random recommendation with only 4 days to go before the ISB application deadline. We hopped on a quick call and I was convinced to start working with them right away. Looking back, I am extremely proud of my decision. 


It is rare to come across admissions consultants nowadays who :

- Are available round the clock (including 1 at night)

- Put your interests ahead of their own.

- Have in-depth awareness of what can go right/wrong with your application and how to articulate the smallest of details which will turn out beneficial during interviews.

- Help you actually brainstorm ideas and guide you in how the school can assist you to achieve that goal

- Offer flexibility of time for application review/mock interviews.

- Have experience interviewing for the school.


All of the above combined, sum up the advantage one will get working with Faith Career, and thanks to my mentor I got into ISB.

It has been great working with them, and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about getting into top B-schools to connect with them, and the rest will be taken care of!


Aditya Singh

Indian School of Business


"The day I got an invite for an interview at ISB, my friend recommended that I work with Faith Career. I was able to gain clarity on the steps I needed to take to strengthen my chances at clearing the interview for ISB admissions. My mentor conducted an initial orientation session giving various key information and tips to streamline the preparation. He puts great effort in conducting sessions, offers flexibility in scheduling as per our convenience and offers valuable constructive criticism. He is extremely patient and supportive. I worked with him only for 4 days and it was transformative! He played a crucial role in my journey to ISB. I'm ever so thankful to him and would whole-heartedly recommend Faith Career to anyone on a similar journey." 

Dr. Lalitya Sripada

Indian School of Business | INR 14.5 Lakhs Scholarship


"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Faith Career for their invaluable help and guidance throughout my application process to the Indian School of Business. My mentor's insights, experience and direction at every stage of selection played a pivotal role in my securing admission to this esteemed institution.

Their knowledge of the application process and understanding of what the admissions committee was looking for helped me to create a strong and compelling application. Their expert advice on how to highlight my strengths, improve my weaknesses and craft a unique story that would set me apart from other applicants was truly invaluable.

Throughout the entire process, my mentor was always available to answer my questions and provide me with the motivation and confidence I needed to keep pushing forward. His genuine interest and dedication to my success made all the difference in achieving my goals.

I am extremely grateful to Faith Career for their exceptional support and guidance, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking admission to a top-tier institution. Thank you, Faith Career, for being an amazing mentor and helping me to achieve my dreams."

Nenshi Reddy

Indian School of Business


"Thanks a lot to Tanmay for guiding me all through the journey. I remember making numerous errors in my essays and he was patient enough to rectify even the minor errors. He was easily approachable. His constant motivation helped me a lot. His tips during the interviews were very helpful and the Google doc containing all the interview questions was more than sufficient for preparing for the interview.


The mocks that he conducted were very vital. Most of the questions asked in the interview were directly the ones that he asked in the mock. The small tips he gave in mocks such as keeping eye contact with the interviewer & smiling were important. His help in preparing resume was commendable. He highlighted the important components in my profile and made me highlight them in the resume. His help in writing a scholarship essay helped me get a scholarship of CAD 30,000. He is an amazing coach and is more like an elder brother to me."

Atanu Prasad Sahoo

Ivey Business School (Canada)

Scholarship: $30,000

Received offer from Schulich School of Business


"As they say, “You don’t pay the plumber for banging on the pipe. You pay him for knowing where to bang.” Tanmay has been the plumber for my application process since the beginning. I have been researching these programs since my undergraduate degree. However, Tanmay highlighted many insights while working together which were new to me. I am immensely grateful for the guidance and support I received from Tanmay Singh during my application process for the Ivey MSc program.


Tanmay's expertise and personalized approach were instrumental in shaping my application and interview preparation. Tanmay's meticulous guidance helped me highlight my unique strengths and experiences effectively. He emphasized the importance of authenticity in my application, ensuring that my story was genuine and compelling.


What sets Tanmay apart is his commitment to his mentees. He invested time in understanding my profile and aspirations, providing invaluable tailored advice. His insights went beyond just the application process; he shared his wisdom on scholarships, school research, networking, and even calming my nerves during overthinking and performance anxieties.


With Tanmay's support, I earned a $5,000 scholarship from Ivey Business School with a GMAT waiver. I wholeheartedly recommend Tanmay to any aspiring student; his expertise, honesty, and genuine dedication make him an outstanding mentor. Thank you, Tanmay, for being a guiding light in my educational journey.

Tarun Rajpurohit

Ivey Business School (Canada)

Scholarship: $5,000

Received offer from Schulich School of Business

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