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Progress Story: Yashashwat's MIM Application Journey

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

UPDATE: This blog post was written in December 2022. As of 20th February 2023, he has received offer letters from all the top 3 Canadian schools, namely Schulich School of Business (York University), Desautels School of Management (McGill University), and Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia).

The founders of Faith Career firmly believe in honesty and transparency. We maintain transparency with all our students at every step of their higher education journey. This leads to trust which is essential for the long-term relationships that we seek to maintain with our students. In wake of staying transparent, we are delighted to share our current student’s success story with you.

Yashashwat Srivastava has recently received an offer letter from the University of Glasgow (UK) for the MSc Management (MIM) program commencing September 2023. We have submitted applications for more schools in the UK and Canada and are still in the process of applying to both scholarships and universities. As Yash receives more offer letters, we will keep you updated about his progress. We will also share more progress stories with you. Watch this space!

Yash’s story is remarkable! He is currently pursuing the last year of his undergraduate degree in Engineering from IP University, New Delhi. During one of his internships, he used his French language skills to deliver successful pitches to clients from France. What more, you ask? He has professionally played and won multiple accolades in Chess from 2006 to 2016 and is now coaching students globally.

He started working on his applications with Faith Career's Co-founder & study abroad expert, Tanmay Singh, in July 2022. In a matter of only few months, he received the first offer letter from the University of Glasgow (UK) which is home to the renowned Adam Smith Business School.

Hey Yash! Many congratulations for getting selected for the University of Glasgow’s MSc Management program! Thanks for agreeing to talk about your experiences! Our readers are excited to know your journey so far.

#1) What sparked your interest in Management? What was your motivation behind selecting the University of Glasgow’s MSc Management program over other programs available in the UK?

During the year 2020, I was pursuing my engineering degree, and I tried to keep busy during lockdown rather than just lazing around the house. At that point, I began looking for courses outside of my field of study and discovered several intriguing management courses. I enrolled myself in them, and as time went on, my interest in the management side grew. Due to this, I began to think about getting a master's in management, which will help me because I'll have both technical and management abilities.

My key reason for choosing University of Glasgow's MSc Management programme was the school's illustrious Adam Smith Business School, which would be extremely helpful to me in the future as I pursued my goals. Furthermore, being a member of Enactus India, I wanted to advance social good even in the UK because I was attracted by Glasgow Enactus and the work they had done. Glasgow also has a student-run consulting club where I could actively participate and prepare for the real corporate world where I want to work as a tech risk consultant.

"After speaking with Tanmay, I immediately signed up to work with him to start our study abroad journey because our ideas and thinking were in sync and he was everything I was looking for in a study abroad coach."

#2) Why did you decide to work with Tanmay Singh as your Study Abroad Coach?

I was aware that getting proper consultancy would be crucial to achieving my goal of studying abroad and creating a successful career out of it in the long term. Because of this, I wanted to work with someone who could offer me personalised coaching and support me along the way. Someone who already had travelled this path as a driven, passionate student, so they can understand how an applicant thinks and aspirations to get into his or her dream university. At that time, I learned about Tanmay Singh from a recommendation from one of my friends. After speaking with Tanmay, I immediately signed up to work with him to start our study abroad journey because our ideas and thinking were in sync and he was everything I was looking for in a study abroad coach.

#3) How has your application journey been so far with Tanmay? How has he been able to help you?

The whole application process for study abroad with Tanmay has been flawless and has taught me a lot, not just about the admissions procedure but also about how to think and plan as an applicant or study abroad enthusiast, and how to professionally network with people in the same line of interest. We have tirelessly worked together for each of our B-school applications since the very beginning to submit it as early as possible as Tanmay always believed the sooner we can submit our application the greater chances we have of getting an admit as well as scholarship. Additionally, he has assisted me in preparing for those challenging B-school interviews so that I can talk clearly & confidently and without being overly anxious when the time comes.

#4) How were your internship experiences? How do you think they have been instrumental in getting you this prestigious offer letter?

I've done internships in the management and IT areas, and I really think that these rich, practical experiences were a big part of why I was accepted. I think the admissions committee must have acknowledged the work that I did and the information I acquired from those part-time jobs, both of which will be quite useful to me when I'm enrolled in the MiM programme.

#5) What are the top 2 pieces of advice that you’d like to share with study abroad aspirants? What should they focus on?

In my opinion, as I have learned from Tanmay, the most crucial thing a study abroad applicant should consider is shortlisting their preferred universities and the course they want to pursue as soon as possible and apply for the same. There are many benefits to applying early for any course (even before Round 1 deadline). The applicant will have a better probability of getting accepted by the university, as well as having a great chance of acquiring a scholarship.

The second important advice, in my opinion, is networking with students at the colleges of your choice who are studying what you wish to study. This will enable an applicant to focus on particular elements in their SOP, which is unquestionably the most crucial component of the study abroad application, and will undoubtedly increase their chances of being admitted.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Yash! We wish you well and hope to share more of your progress stories! If you wish to pursue Master in Management (MIM) program at a leading university in the UK, Canada, Ireland, USA, or Australia, reach out to us today.

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