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Smriti's Stellar Journey to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Study Abroad Expert and Faith Career's Co-Founder, Tanmay Singh, is massively proud of Smriti's achievements! She received 8 offer letters from schools in the United Kingdom. All of this happened within few months of finishing her undergraduate degree. Tanmay recently talked to Smriti and she shared valuable insights for study abroad aspirants. Read on to find out more.

#1) Smriti, can you please briefly describe your profile?

I completed my undergraduate degree in Global Studies in June 2022 from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi. As I pursued an interdisciplinary major, I found my inclination growing towards Public Policy. I judiciously utilised my time to take up courses from different disciplines, worked with organisations in the international affairs and public policy space and decided to complete a few courses related to my field of interest by some prestigious academic institutions. I believe all these aspects have definitely played an instrumental role in strengthening my profile and helping me receive offers from 8 universities in the United Kingdom!

#2) Why did you decide to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy?

I have always wanted to work in the international affairs domain and realised that my areas of interest align well with international public policy programs. It was essential for me to pursue a Master’s degree to build an expertise and lay a strong foundation to gain the knowledge and technical know-how. My undergraduate degree was not sufficient for me to venture into the Public Policy space, thus I decided to specialise by applying for a Master’s degree.

I also realised that a Master’s degree in Public Policy would open new avenues and give me the opportunity to take up roles with different entities such as government organisations, think tanks, corporates and NGOs. I was impressed with the career prospects and moreover, my areas of interest align very closely with this subject.

#3) Why did you choose Tanmay Singh to be your mentor for your application?

I got to know about Tanmay from one of my friends. I decided to get on a call with him to understand how he had been helping students get into their dream schools and would help me too. As I was discussing with him about my plan and what I had decided at that point of time, I realised Tanmay would be the right mentor for me because he would be working very closely with me on my applications and make sure that I am satisfied in the entire application process.

Since the very beginning, he has made sure to take into consideration my opinions and what I want to do, but at the same time guiding me on the right path. Our first conversation regarding my Master’s preparation was extremely promising and very soon I signed up to work with him.

Without wasting much time, he kickstarted my IELTS preparation, shortlisted universities and brainstormed my application essays. Not only the application process but, I can totally vouch that everything that I have learned all this while working alongside Tanmay has been instrumental in my personal and professional life. He is literally like a big brother to me (yes, I mean it!).

He has been there to address all my concerns round the clock. I have worked with him with a time difference of 12 hours (since he was living in Toronto, Canada) and it has been a very smooth process. Tanmay is an extremely hardworking individual who looks at the long-term success of his students.

#4) What 2 tips you would like to share with an aspirant who is working on their application?

  • I would suggest all study abroad applicants to start working on their applications as soon as they can. It’s never too late or early to start with your preparation. Your applications include not only writing good quality essays but also getting good letters of recommendations, having all your academic documents in place and preparing for different exams such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc. alongside.

  • Another thing I would like to share with applicants would be to prepare a master essay which includes all information about your profile, program choice and career plan. This really helps you in tailoring your essays specifically for each university.

#5) From how many schools did you receive offer letters? Did you also receive any scholarship?

I received unconditional offer letters from 8 universities. They are:

  • London School of Economics (LSE),

  • University of Manchester,

  • University College Dublin (with 35% scholarship),

  • University of Birmingham,

  • University of Bristol,

  • University of Sussex,

  • University of Glasgow and

  • Queen Mary, University of London.

#6) How was Tanmay’s mentorship important while working on the application?

  • As soon as I signed up to work with Tanmay, we started working on my essays. We first shortlisted the universities and programs as per my liking and then took a note of all the deadlines to make a schedule. Alongside, we started with my IELTS preparation so that I had my score with me while I submit my applications. I vividly remember Tanmay did not let me submit my applications till the time I was completely satisfied with the quality of my essays. He made sure that we covered all the relevant information and submitted good quality applications. He pushed me to do better, it felt a little overwhelming, but it was all worth the hard work.

  • I struggled to arrange my transcripts and provisional certificates from my alma mater but with Tanmay by my side, I was able to get these documents on time. He guided me on the right path and I made sure I followed his advice. Tanmay is hands-down the most hardworking and humble mentor that study abroad aspirants like me can work with. I have learned many things beyond the application process from him and I am truly grateful for that. He has been more like a friend to me than a mentor - a friend who is there by your side whenever you need help and motivation.

  • Tanmay also organises a Networking Masterclass for all his students. It is a great offering that he has for his students. It gives you the right sort of tips and guidance with respect to working abroad after your studies or even while you're working on your applications. Moreover, he also helps students apply for financial aid and scholarships keeping in mind the long-term success of his students. He has been helping students for over 7 years now and I think it is a great opportunity for students to work and learn from him.

#7) What are your final ‘Dos’ and ‘Don'ts’ for a study abroad aspirant?


  • Start your applications well in time as that really helps in maximising your chances.

  • It might get overwhelming but it is all going to be worth it in the end. It’s all about hard work, persistence, and passion.


  • Don’t wait till the last date of your deadline as there maybe several tech glitches with the application portal and application fee process. All your efforts will go into vain if you don’t submit your application on time.

  • I would suggest not working on your applications and exam preparations alongside. It hampers focus and efficiency and it would be better to spend quality time on your essays.

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