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5 Tips For Writing A Convincing MBA Goals Essay

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The MBA goals essay is one of the main pillars of your B-school application. Your application is bound to be considerably strong if you write a persuading goals essay. Therefore, it is crucial to write it in a way which showcases your personality, articulates your goals, and impresses the admissions committee.

Read our Twitter thread to know the 4 questions that you must ask yourself before attempting your goals essay.

#1. Create an Outline

Making a solid framework for your short- & long-term goals essay is a way to efficiently start writing them. Since nothing is set in stone, as you work on your MBA essay, note that you are permitted to make changes in this framework, but don't overdo it. Ensure that you include the three major parts in this essay - relevant professional experiences, short- & long-term goals, and your reasons for pursuing an MBA degree.

#2. Connect your MBA Goals to Past Experiences

Establish a clear link between your previous experiences (both personal & professional) and show how these experiences have shaped your goals over the period of time. Your MBA essay should exhibit how your past influences motivated you to select your post-MBA goals and path. If your goal is to work as a Technology Risk Consultant with a major tech consulting firm, mention how your undergraduate educational degree and your work experience at a technology firm has fuelled that decision. Remember to clearly mention your specific goals. That's when you'll be able to link them to your past experiences.

#3. Talk About the School

This one is Faith Career's Co-Founder Tanmay Singh's favourite! It is crucial to cite the specific ways in which the university and the business school's resources can help you move closer to your post-MBA goals. Let me share an example: York University is home to the world-renowned Schulich School of Business which is famous for producing graduates which do exceedingly well in Marketing and go on to become CMOs, preside over Marketing verticals, and spearhead companies. Many students want to join Schulich Case Analysis Club, but the nature of process is such that not everyone is able to. However, students should not forget that they can join York Consulting Group (YCG) which is Canada's largest student-run consulting group. Students also have the opportunity to join Schulich Consulting Club (SCC) or Schulich Advanced Strategy Club or Schulich Marketing Association (SMA). The options are endless, so don't forget to carefully peruse the university's and the business school's webpages. Use names of the various resources that pique your interest and be specific.

#4. Explain your Inflection Points

Your MBA essays, in addition to live or recorded interviews and your CV, are an excellent way to convey your personality, establish your personal brand in front of the admissions committee, and share your motivation for doing what you did. While you are encouraged to explain your career progress, you should not fill your MBA goals essay with details of your CV. Focus on expounding on the "why". Think about the career choices that you made (these are your inflection points) and talk about key professional accomplishments that gave rise to or moulded your post-MBA goals.

#5. Impactful Lead Statement

You have done the required research for writing an effective MBA essay but are confused about where to start. Begin your goals essay with an impactful and catchy sentence. Think about a personal or professional anecdote from your life or briefly explain your career's inflection point and how it lead to you making a meaningful contribution to your organization. No matter how pressed you are for the word limit, avoid the urge to begin your MBA goals essay with a generic phrase such as "Post-MBA, I wish to work as...". Be more interesting. Before you hit the 'Submit' button, read Top Tips to Keep in Mind While Filling a University’s Online Application Form

Working with a seasoned & experienced MBA coach can help you write a winning MBA goals essay and set you up for success in your B-school journey. Whether you want to study in India or abroad, you can talk to our co-founders who will work 1:1 with you to help you realize your dream!

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