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Ambuj Tripathi's Story of Triumph: From SBI to Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) with Scholarship

Faith Career's student, Ambuj Tripathi, has a unique story to share with you. When Study Abroad Expert Tanmay Singh started working with Ambuj on his applications, he was impressed by Ambuj's clarity of thoughts and post-MBA goals. Consequently, not only did Ambuj receive an offer letter from RSM, but he was also conferred with the prestigious Dean's Merit Scholarship. Read on to find out more about his journey.

#1) Ambuj, can you please briefly describe your profile?

I have a B.Tech. degree from MIT Manipal and have gained close to 5 years of experience, with 3.5 years working exclusively for a government bank in India. My work has primarily focused on Finance, with a particular emphasis on Sustainable Finance and Financial Inclusion initiatives. In order to make an impact in the field of Sustainable Finance and gain a better understanding of the European economy and its approach, I will be pursuing an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management starting from January 2024.

#2) Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I have reached a pivotal point in my career where I am eager to increase my impact, make meaningful contributions towards building a more sustainable world, and enhance my knowledge and expertise in Finance and Sustainability. In addition to this, I aim to expand my professional network, which will aid me in pursuing my ultimate goal of establishing a sustainable finance venture. Through this, I hope to address the issue of credit availability in emerging economies and bridge the gap towards a more sustainable future.

#3) Why did you choose Tanmay Singh to be your mentor for your application?

I had the chance to meet Anshul during my time at Manipal, who later introduced me to Tanmay. Following our conversation, I was impressed by his clear approach and commitment to providing end-to-end services. As my job demands a lot of my time and attention, I was looking for someone who could prioritize my application and provide personalized support, rather than simply polishing my essay or resume.

#4) What 2 tips you would like to share with an aspirant who is working on their RSM application?

Ensure that your post-MBA goals are crystal clear.

Aim to achieve your target GMAT/GRE score at least two months prior to the application deadline.

#5) How did you prepare for the interview after submitting your RSM application? What all steps did you take to prepare for the interview?

During my 1:1 RSM interview, the focus was on having a conversational tone and understanding the person behind the application - their aspirations, inspirations, and personal background. Tanmay emphasizes the importance of showcasing your human side, which the adcom members are keen on learning about. It is recommended to be practical and base your responses around a specific theme that aligns with your application. In my case, the theme was Financial Inclusion.

#6) What questions were asked to you during the RSM interview?

  1. What motivated you to pursue an RSM MBA at this particular time in your career? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  2. What were some of the challenges you encountered while working with street vendors? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  3. How do you think working in Europe and pursuing an MBA will help you overcome language barriers in communication?

  4. In what ways do you envision an MBA helping you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  5. What difficulties have you faced when leading a team?

  6. How have you successfully managed conflicts in the past? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  7. How would your colleagues describe you? How about the vendors you've worked with? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  8. Why do you find it challenging to delegate tasks to others? (practised during mock interview with Tanmay)

  9. How do you handle situations when people are unhappy with the tasks assigned to them?

#7) How did you think you performed in RSM's admission interview?

I felt confident during the interview as I had practiced extensively with Tanmay, and was certain that the questions would be similar. However, with a substantial amount of work experience, it is essential to filter your thoughts and be precise in your responses. By taking an early morning slot, as recommended by Tanmay, I was able to express myself more freely.

#8) How was Tanmay’s mentorship important while working on the RSM application?

I worked with Tanmay for other schools as well. From day one, he advised me to start networking and connecting with as many current students and alumni as possible to gain an understanding of the school's culture. This knowledge helped me set myself apart from the pool of overrepresented Indian male engineers in my application. While I began taking Tanmay's help specifically for RSM during the Kira Talent Assessment stage, where we worked on bringing more clarity to my communication skills and thought processes, a number of mock interviews also helped build my confidence. Thankfully, I received an admission offer with a Dean's Merit Scholarship of Euros 5000. Further, I have been selected to serve as the Student Ambassador for the RSM MBA program.

#9) What are your final ‘Dos’ and ‘Don'ts’ for a study abroad aspirant?


  1. Develop effective networking skills and learn to be concise when making requests during networking. This is where Tanmay can help you.

  2. Complete your GMAT well in advance to allow for a month or two to focus on essays and resumes.

  3. If you're an Indian candidate, target Round 1 deadline.

Avoid the following:

  1. Don't wait until the very end of the deadline to sign up on the university's website as you may encounter unexpected surprises.

  2. Don't simply copy and paste essays from one application to another, as each university has a unique approach and requirements.

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