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Yash Sharma's Journey to EDHEC MIM with Academic Excellence Scholarship

Yash Sharma EDHEC MIM Tanmay Singh Study Abroad Coach Faith Career

Did you know that it is possible to receive an offer letter from a top 10 MIM program through your CAT score? Yes, you read that right. Many schools abroad consider CAT scores submitted by Indian applicants for MIM program. Yash Sharma scored a decent percentile in CAT & decided to apply to MIM programs in France. His perseverance, humility, and willingness to learn got him both an offer letter & an academic excellence scholarship from EDHEC Business School's MIM program. Read on to find out more.

#1) Yash, can you please briefly describe your profile?

I hold a degree in Mining Engineering and currently serve as an Assistant Manager in the mining operations department at Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL). In this role, I oversee departmental projects, assist in operational management, and ensure high-quality raw material being sent to the plant. Notable achievements during my tenure include leading a successful Lean-Six-Sigma project, resulting in substantial cost savings (Rs. 1.47 crore), and developing a real-time dashboard for landing cost calculation aiding in strategic decision-making. Additionally, prior to joining TCL, I founded RedRx during my college years, addressing trust issues in online pharmacies and significantly reducing medical costs for Non-Communicable Disease patients.

#2) Why did you decide to pursue an MIM?

My entrepreneurial journey ignited my interest in business management, confirmed by my experience at Tata Chemicals. With 18 months of work experience (28 months post-CAT), I contemplated pursuing an MBA or MiM at a top business school. Opting for the MiM program felt more practical; at 23, I didn't want to wait for the 4-year experience requirement of top MBA programs. MiM, tailored for young professionals like me, offers a perfect platform to start a business career while allowing time to adapt. It provides international exposure and ample opportunities for networking. Therefore, I meticulously selected out of top-15 programs from FT rankings for this journey.

#3) What were your top 3 reasons for selecting Tanmay Singh to be your mentor for your EDHEC MIM application?

A) Growing up in a rural area and predominantly interacting with local people at work helped me become proficient in picking up languages. However, I realized that I lacked a structured grasp of my colonial language in my verbal communication. I decided to work with Tanmay because I knew he didn't just help students get admissions; he also focused on improving their soft skills. Anshul had told me before that his students also took communication classes from Tanmay, so it seemed like the perfect combination for me. And then I booked a Discovery Call with him to get an idea of how it would be to work with him.

B) During our Discovery Call, I shared my concerns with him, including feeling stuck, falling behind and considering a job or sector change. He listened patiently and provided guidance on what would be better for my admissions profile. He also shared a memorable quote that stuck with me: "You are the director of your life." By the end of the call, he not only reassured me that I was on the right track but also provided coaching in a manner that only a true mentor could, offering corrections in the moment without making me feel uncomfortable.

C) Tanmay's thorough understanding of French programs was invaluable to me. When I decided to work with him, I was relieved of the burden of selecting a program because he meticulously selected three B-Schools that aligned with my profile. I felt comfortable being open with Tanmay, partly due to his elder brother vibes. I remember a time when he stayed up late with me, helping me fine-tune my essays, CV, and more so I could submit my application in an earlier round. Even after submitting, when I expressed my desire to further improve, he didn't take it the wrong way. Instead, he provided me with reality checks and additional tasks that significantly enhanced my writing, networking skills, and even basic tasks like writing effective cold emails.

#4) What 3 tips would you like to share with an aspirant working on their study abroad application?

A) Prioritize achieving your best scores, but also maintain regular practice of fundamental skills such as writing.

B) Select your program thoughtfully; it's not just about the study aspect but also about immersing yourself in a new country and environment. Consider various factors beyond academics.

C) Stay genuine and authentic in your application. You may lack certain criteria, but your unique story is valuable. For example, despite lacking international experience or leisure trips, my personal stories still made a significant impact.

#5) How did you prepare for the Kira Talent Assessment (recorded video interview) after submitting the EDHEC MIM application? What all steps did you take to prepare for the video interview?

After submitting my EDHEC MIM application, Tanmay provided me with a document containing 100+ potential questions for my video interview. He advised me to craft brief responses, focusing on 7 key questions that I should be able to answer even in my sleep. With only a 10-day window to submit our answers, it was crucial for me to respond promptly. Tanmay conducted two mock interviews with me, simulating the video interview format accurately, to help me prepare effectively.

Tanmay advised me to structure my answers to fit within a 2-minute timeframe, so I divided my responses into three sections: a direct answer or solution with a brief introduction, a personal example to relate to the topic, and a concluding remark.

For example:

"What will you bring to EDHEC and how will EDHEC help you?"

- Introduction: Directly address what I would bring to EDHEC.

- Personal example: Share a relevant experience that illustrates my point.

- Conclusion: Summarize the main idea and express enthusiasm for the opportunity at EDHEC.

This structure allowed me to provide concise yet comprehensive answers within the allocated time frame.

#6) What questions did you face during the EDHEC MIM Kira Assessment video interview?

During my actual video interview, I faced 5 questions. Three of these questions came with a 1.5-minute practice time followed by a 3-minute response time, while the remaining two questions allowed only 1 minute for practice and required a 2-minute response.

Here are the questions:

#1: "What will you bring to EDHEC and how will EDHEC help you?" 

#2: "How do you socialize with other team members?" 

#3: "You are leading a project and you gave your team a task but your team is struggling to find an approach or process. What will you do?" 

#4: "You’re given a project but do not have enough information about it then what will you do?" 

#5: "Tell us about a time when you received advice for improvement. What was it and what did you do about it?" 

#7) How do you think you performed in the video interview?

After my EDHEC MIM video interview, I felt extremely confident as I believed I had effectively addressed all the questions. This confidence stemmed from Tanmay's mock sessions, where he emphasized that these interviews typically test candidates on three key areas: leadership potential, teamwork ability, and thinking on their feet. Additionally, Tanmay advised me to structure my answers in a manner that showcased a business-oriented mindset. This guidance greatly enriched my interview experience, as I felt well-prepared and capable of demonstrating my suitability for the program.

#8) How was Tanmay’s mentorship important while working on the EDHEC MIM application?

Tanmay's mentorship was absolutely crucial for me in securing admission at EDHEC. His guidance and support were invaluable throughout the entire process. Tanmay had a meticulously planned approach for every step, from attending relevant virtual events, to networking effectively, and reaching out to the right people. He patiently answered all of my naive questions, and provided guidance like an elder brother. He ensured that every aspect of my application was polished and showcased my best attributes, ultimately playing a pivotal role in securing my admission at EDHEC.

#9) Congratulations for receiving the EDHEC MIM Academic Excellence Scholarship of 30% (EUR 14,160)! How did that happen? What did you do to bag that scholarship? 

Receiving a 20% academic excellence scholarship directly from EDHEC was a great start, thanks to my application and test score. However, after connecting with several students on LinkedIn, I discovered that it might be possible for the admissions committee to offer up to 30% scholarship. I shared this insight with Tanmay and expressed my desire to pursue additional scholarship opportunities by reaching out to adcom members with a ‘Thank you’ email. Tanmay provided invaluable assistance in refining these emails, and through this process, I also learned a technique that significantly increases the chances of receiving responses by 10x.

#10) What are your final ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for a study abroad aspirant?


A) Starting early is key! It provides you with ample time to identify and address any weak areas, helping you avoid the stress of looming deadlines. Additionally, beginning early significantly increases your chances of securing a scholarship, especially for programs with rolling admissions like EDHEC.

B) Choosing professional assistance wisely is crucial; it can truly make a difference. While it may involve an investment, working with someone like Tanmay goes beyond mere professional guidance; it becomes a personal journey. Tanmay emphasizes that he's not just a consultant but a coach, providing you with a clear path forward. After working with Tanmay for some schools, I can attest that you'll be well-equipped to apply to other schools independently. That's his coaching’s USP according to me.

C) Believe in your stories and essays, and stay true to yourself. While it's okay to use AI tools for grammar and structure, relying too heavily on them for content could harm your authenticity. So strive to be unique and genuine in your writing.



A) Avoid vague boasting and instead be specific in your accomplishments and experiences.

B)  Make sure you fully understand the question, figuring out exactly what it's asking and what points you need to emphasize in your answer.

C) Avoid using flowery language and showcasing your artistic prowess. The admissions team is primarily interested in your relevant experiences and your personality, rather than your ability to write in Shakespearean style.

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