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IIM-A PGPX With Only 4 Years of Work Experience: Priyanshi Gupta's Stellar Journey

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Priyanshi Gupta has been able to achieve what many aren't able to. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from NIT Surat, she worked for 4 years as a Product Manager. The average work experience for the PGPX offered by IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) is 7 years. However, with her clarity of thought, determination, and laudable communication skills, she was able to convince the adcom that she is the right fit for the program.

#1) Priyanshi, can you please briefly describe your profile?

I hold a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT Surat. With a total of 4 years of experience in the Automotive industry, I currently serve as a Product Manager at Royal Enfield, focusing on Digital Products. In this role, I have honed my technical expertise in Telematics and Connected Vehicles. Before joining Royal Enfield, I worked at Morris Garages (MG) India, where my responsibilities included providing day-to-day operational support for production and after-sales processes. Additionally, I was tasked with ensuring the quality assurance of the infotainment system and the MG app.

#2) Why did you decide to pursue the PGPX offered by IIM-A?

In the near future, I aim to evolve into a well-rounded Product Manager within the Technology Consumer sector. Currently, my expertise primarily lies in inbound Product Management. On the other hand, my long-term aspiration is to oversee a portfolio of products. To accomplish this objective, I recognize the need to develop a comprehensive business acumen, which I currently lack. Furthermore, my professional background has been primarily within the automotive industry, and I aspire to broaden my knowledge and skills to encompass other industries.

#3) Why did you choose Faith Career to be your partner for your application?

I chose to partner with Faith Career for my application and interview preparation for a few key reasons. First, I had already participated in some free sessions with my mentor even before beginning my application. This gave me confidence in working with him because he demonstrated a clear understanding of the process and had extensive mentoring experience. Second, it was a cost-effective option for me. Third, despite my limited work experience and low odds of getting into IIMA, my mentor displayed unwavering confidence in my potential and encouraged me to apply.

#4) What 3 tips would you like to share with an aspirant who is working on their IIM-A PGPX application?

1. Introspect. Introspect. Introspect. Don’t shy away in writing your achievements, extra curriculars in the application, however small they may be.

2. Be honest in your application and essays as you would be grilled on anything and everything written in there.

3. Research about PGPX and IIM-A thoroughly and also gather insights of recent happenings at PGPX from alumni which can be inculcated in essays. This will help portray your seriousness of pursuing the program to the adcom.

#5) How did you prepare for the interview after submitting the IIM-A PGPX application? What all steps did you take to prepare for the interview?

My mentor at Faith Career provided me with a nearly-exhaustive list of questions asked during MBA interview. I diligently introspected and wrote answers to all those questions. I worked on my body language and practised all my answers in front of a camera and mirror. I had 2 mock interviews with my mentor and one mock with an IIM-A alumnus who gave constructive feedback.

#6) What questions were asked to you during the IIM-A PGPX interview?

1. What does your day at work look like?

2. What are Agile and Scrum?

3. Why is digital transformation needed in automotive industry?

4. What is the value of my product that I am working on for the market?

5. What are your views on EVs being carbon-free?

6. Why do you wish to pursue an MBA?

7. Why PGPX?

8. Have you talked to any alumnus? What were their views on PGPX?

9. Have you applied to any other school? What is your Plan B?

10. Do you have any questions for us?

#7) How do you think you performed in the IIM-A PGPX interview?

The interview panel had two professors. One asked me a lot of questions, while the other one was writing things down on paper. The interview lasted about 30 minutes and mainly focused on my work experience and why I wanted to join the PGPX program at IIM-A.

In my opinion, the interviewers were trying to test the following:

1. My clarity of thought on pursuing PGPX from IIM-A

2. Verifying what I have written in essays matches with what I speak in the interview

3. Gauging whether I fit into their program by asking me about my short term goals and the companies I am targeting post-PGPX (from their placement report)

Overall I was 3Hs during interview: Honest, Humble, and Held my head High. I spoke with confidence showing enthusiasm about joining the program. I spoke candidly through out which was also appreciated by the professors interviewing me.

#8) How was your mentor’s mentorship important while working on the application?

My mentor's mentorship played a critical role in significantly simplifying my application journey. Crafting and refining essays can be a daunting task, especially when you're managing a full-time job simultaneously. However, entrusting him with this responsibility made the process substantially more manageable. He methodically assisted in breaking down the structure of the essays, offering invaluable insights and guidance on how to structure and present my thoughts effectively.

Moreover, his support extended beyond the realm of essays. He provided me with an extensive list of interview questions and actively engaged in preparing me for the interviews. His dedication to helping me excel in the interview process was unwavering, and this commitment served as a constant source of motivation throughout the application journey.

#9) What are your final ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for an IIM-A PGPX aspirant?


1. Prepare your essays and craft your one-page CV ahead of time, ensuring to have them reviewed by a reliable mentor and alumni for feedback.

2. Be thorough with the current affairs as it will help during extempore. Also, knowing about one’s work industry is a must for interview.

3. Practice all your answers in front of the mirror which will help improve your body language and confidence.

4. Follow 3Hs during interview: Be honest, Be humble and hold your head high


1. Doubt your candidature. Great things happen only if you dream big!! :)

2. Take GRE/GMAT exam lightly. Always apply with above average score to maximize your chances.

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